Payment Options

Paying your homeowner assessment online saves time and money and makes your life easier. Select your state or community association below and follow the prompts. We accept electronic checks and credit card payments. 

Please note – Phone payments are not accepted.

Union Bank FAQs (Not applicable to Candelas, Heritage Todd Creek, Inspiration and Leyden Rock in Colorado)
How to make a one time payment on Union Bank

How to register for an account on Union Bank




New Mexico


South Carolina




Direct Debit (ACH Withdrawal)

Using direct debit, your assessment payment will be automatically drafted from your bank account the month your payment is due. Download an application form, complete all requested information and mail the completed application with a voided check to CCMC to complete your enrollment process. You may also email the form and a copy of a voided check or fax the information to 480-921-7564.