Company Culture

Our culture is a reflection of who we are as a company and as individuals. Culture isn’t set by a policy written in a closed-door office; it’s created by the team members serving the communities in our care every day. Together, we create a workplace promoting productivity, efficiency and enjoyability. 

Service First

We believe good enough isn’t good enough. We find ways to say yes. We put people before profits. Without the clients and residents we serve, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why it’s important for each of our team members to have a service-first mindset, making you our priority. We try our best to stay ahead of the questions and on top of the concerns. And, when issues arise, we share insight and perspective based on more than 45 years of community association management experience. We want to work with you to make magic happen. 

Innovation and Collaboration

Providing innovative solutions to better serve our clients is our company mission. We encourage team members to share their ideas through internal channels and reward them for doing so. With more than 220 communities in our care, odds are that if one community is facing a challenge, another community has already overcome it. By connecting team members across the country, we’re able to implement best practices and meet challenges head on. 

Training and Development

We empower our team members for success. This means providing relevant training and development opportunities to allow team members to network, learn new skills and advance their personal and professional development. We offer a variety of internal training opportunities focused on issues such as leadership, service and communications, and support state and national certification for employees on the community management development track. By equipping our team members with knowledge and ability, we’re enabling them to provide the highest quality of service. 

Career Growth Opportunities

We serve more than 215 communities in 10 states, meaning positions at all levels are open on a regular basis. When hiring for these roles, we place emphasis on promoting opportunities to internal candidates. In 2018, more than 150 team members were promoted or transferred to a new role. We want your decision to join CCMC to be a long-term one. More than 100 of our team members have served for more than 10 years. One team member – Judy Dreis, community manager at the Villages at Frisco Lakes in Frisco, Texas – retired in 2020 with 45 years of service. 

Team Member Engagement

Our purpose statement is clear: “We build community by bringing people together in the neighborhoods where they live and in the offices where we work.” We want our team members to enjoy coming to work each day. We foster a community of inclusiveness, connectivity and fun through encouraging collaboration across departments, team-building activities and a commitment to keeping life fun.