Who Ever Heard of An Assessment Raffle?

Kristine Nau

Who would ever believe that paying one homeowner’s assessment each quarter could drastically reduce late notices? No community manager in her right mind would try this! Right? Wrong.

Kristine Nau has worked for CCMC since 2005. She is currently our community manager for Spectrum at Val Vista in Gilbert, Arizona. Over the past year, she – like many others – has dedicated an ever-increasing amount of energy to collections and bad debt. Unfortunately, this left little time to focus on the homeowners who are dedicated to their community and pay their assessments promptly. So, this year she decided to try something different.

Partnering with association vendors, Kristine sought donation of $183 – the amount of one quarterly assessment. Homeowners who paid their assessment on time could contact the association office for a raffle ticket. This gave our on-site team a chance to update all their personal contact information and verify their payment. Homeowners who received a raffle ticket were entered into a drawing. The prize? You guessed it. Their next quarterly  assessment would be paid in-full – that’s right, FREE! Needless to say, the results have been impressive. Late notices for assessment payments have decreased nearly 70%. That’s right, nearly 70% fewer late notices. Wow!

So what’s next? Well, Kristine believes that if homeowners are this motivated by the possibility of winning one quarterly payment, they will be even more motivated to win a full year’s worth of payments. She plans to get 2012 off to a BIG start by offering this incentive.

Now, there are those who might call our assessment raffle crazy. At CCMC we call it exceptional community management.

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