Whatever Happened to Common Courtesy?

Ken Hill, Board President of Red Rock Country Club Homeowners Association

Sometimes it’s important to state the obvious. I recently read an article that did exactly that. It was written by Ken Hill, board president of Red Rock Country Club Homeowners Association. The title? Common Courtesy in a Common Interest Community. What a concept!

In his article, Ken asks why common courtesy is not mentioned in most governing docuements. “Is it because someone omitted the rules and regulations dictating common courtesy among neighbors?” he asks. Not at all! They were left out, he explains, because it was assumed that homeowners would always exercise common courtesy when dealing with neighbors, guests and staff members. So, when did common coutesy go out of style?

At CCMC, common courtesy means more than being well-mannered. In fact, we do not view courtesy as a way to act. Rather, it is simply a way of life. A type of indulgence in kindness. A friendly mindset. A condition of the heart. Beacuse of this, it is always expected, always extended and always in style.

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