The Quiet Heroes of CCMC

Tod Bean

Funny thing about heroes, they almost never view themselves as such. But at CCMC, I see them everywhere. They are unspoken, unassuming and uninterested in recognition. Take for example Tod Bean, our community manager at SunCrest in Draper, UT. His uncle needed a kidney. He was a match. So he gave him one. No hesitation. No second thoughts. No regrets.

Consider Marie Disney and Maury Ellerbusch from our Shared Services team in Scottsdale, AZ. Always looking for ways to identify and assist homeowners in need, they will stop at nothing to advocate on their behalf and find workable solutions. Marie and Maury do not consider themselves heroes. In their minds, they are simply doing their jobs.

How about Lauren Stephan our lifestyle director at Vistancia in Peoria, AZ? Did she consider herself a hero when she worked with Make a Wish Foundation to create a backyard concert for a young, terminally ill boy? Or when she activated her network to help find employment for a neighborhood father-in-need? Actually, she never even mentioned it.

CCMC, I’m proud to say, has many true heroes. Day after day they go about their business. And, in the process, make life a bit sweeter for everyone around them. My wish for 2012? A year filled with quiet heroes… just like them! Happy New Year.

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