Proactive Community Association Management

Organization is a funny thing. Our clients often do not notice it unless it’s missing. That is why I have been particularly impressed by all of our recent compliments for CCMC’s organization at meetings and events. These notes of praise tell me that CCMC is ahead of the questions and on top of the concerns.

Take for example, our recent community meeting at Providence (Las Vegas, Nevada). Our Board President described it as, “One of the best public presentations we have ever made.” Our Board at Vistancia (Peoria, Arizona) had this to say about their annual meeting, “WOW! In the 3 years that I have been at Vistancia, each annual meeting has become simpler and much more pleasant and friendly. I am convinced that this is due to CCMC and your fantastic management group. Thank you for your leadership and please thank the entire organization for all CCMC does for Sunbelt Holdings and Vistancia.”

The same holds true for community events. After the last Pumpkin Dash 5K at Valley Ranch (Irving, Texas) we received this note, “I wanted to express once again what a great job Jessica Hughes did arranging the Pumpkin Dash. It was very organized and I believe was a great success. These types of events require organization, patience and a great skill set to work with others. She has all three!” Last month’s Egg Hunt at Victoria Park (Deland, Florida) was described as “the best organized and most enjoyable event ever!”

CCMC has set a new industry standard for careful preparation and planning. Anticipating every question and accommodating every need is easy when you are able to switch your perspective… and look through the eyes of our homeowners. This is the type of attention to detail that sets CCMC apart from our competition. This is the type of attention we give every meeting, event, presentation and gathering. It is why our clients hire us to manage their communities.


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