How CCMC Plays the Game

Every CCMC team member has heard the expression, “Do the right thing.” Integrity has always been an integral component to our company (and our mission statement). You see, we believe in not just doing the right thing but, more importantly, doing the right thing when nobody is watching. For us, this is the true measure of character.

CCMC’s long history of “doing the right thing” is a source of great pride for me. It is the litmus test by which we measure our strategic choices and our daily actions. Every CCMC team member is held personally responsible for keeping this component of our company’s character alive.

Yesterday, while flying Southwest Airlines, I read an article on sportsmanship (integrity) that really resonated with me. To read the entire article, CLICK HERE. It asked whether sportsmanship has become the exception, rather than the rule. And, “When did cheaters become clever practitioners of their art?”

Then, the beautiful stories of character – of people doing the right thing, at unexpected times – began to flow. I hope that when you think of CCMC, stories like these will come to mind.

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