CCMC: A Game Changer

Have you heard about Sam Gordon? A Daybreak resident, she is 9 years old and weighs less than 60 pounds. But she is faster than any boy on her football team. Nicknamed “Sweet Feet”, she scored 35 touchdowns, made 65 tackles and had nearly 2,000 rushing yards in her first season. The only girl on her team, she certainly is a game changer. But if you ask Sam how it feels to revolutionize her sport and break through stereotypes, she will tell you she simply wants to play ball. And play ball she does. To watch her in action, CLICK HERE.

So, what does her story have to do with community association management? Well, like Sam, CCMC has discovered our passion – taking care of neighborhoods and the people who call them home. We’re not your typical player in this game. We don’t follow the industry stereotypes. We simply want to play our best game and deliver unexpected, remarkable, exceptional results. We want to be your game changer.

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