Valley Ranch Earns Community Service Award

Improving the quality of life in American neighborhoods — that’s what CCMC is all about! So it came as no surprise when we learned that one of the associations in our care had been awarded the 2012 Community Service Award by the Irving Parks and Recreation Department and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Congratulations to the Valley Ranch Association! “Our partnership with the city has been fantastic,” explains CCMC community manager Chris Schappaugh, “Our shared resources mean bigger and better opportunities for recreation and lifestyle programs for neighbors. Special recognition goes to lifestyle director Jessica Hughes, who has nurtured and grown this relationship to its fullest potential.” Nominated by the Cimarron Park Recreation Center, the Valley Ranch Association accepted the award last month during a special ceremony where it was recognized for its on-going contribution to the citizens of Irving.

Mad Mud Run Draws Hundreds To Providence!

Belly crawl? Costume contest? Mud pit? It must be the second annual Mad Mud Run at Providence! And this race is no joke, with over 650 participants raising more than $3,000 for Spread the Word Nevada. All the fun took place last weekend, when competitors donned their capes and tutus to run a 4.5 miles race and mud obstacle course; while spectators armed themselves with super soakers and squirt guns! Splash zones, hay bales, water walls, balance beams and tire arrays made up the course. Kids also had their chance to compete in the 100-meter Mudpuppy Splash, which ended in (of course!) a 40-foot mud pit. Later, everyone enjoyed entertainment booths, volleyball, soccer and park games. Awards for top finishers and best costumes topped off the festivities. To learn more, CLICK HERE to watch Jenna Bell, our CCMC lifestyle director at Providence, discuss the event on the local Las Vegas FOX news. We salute all the weekend warriors who were willing to get dirty for such an excellent cause!

Owning Our Customers’ Challenges

At CCMC, our systems are sound, our reports are timely and our employees are knowledgeable. But those things don’t make us special. What sets us apart is heart. It’s the fact that our team members put people first, bringing them together as communities, as neighbors, as friends…and eventually, as family. This means we approach our customers’ challenges as if they were our own. Last weekend, 8 CCMC employees showed up to demonstrate exactly this. You see, for over 15 years CCMC has served Grayhawk Development. A few years ago, one of their leaders was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. In response, he organized an event to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This event, which has already raised more than $20,000 for Parkinson’s research, challenges co-ed teams to compete in an obstacle course race. On April 22, two CCMC teams of four employees each showed up to compete. The reason? They know our client. They own his challenge. They want to be part of his solution. It’s personal. It’s family. That  is the CCMC difference. CLICK HERE learn more about this spectacular event and this important cause.