CCMC to Provide Pre-Development Consulting to Desert Mountain Parcel 19

CCMC’s newest pre-consulting partnership extends a three-decade presence in the Desert Mountain Community. M3 Companies, which is developing Desert Mountain Parcel 19, has selected CCMC for consulting services. This sub-association is planned to be an exclusive 190-residence community with an 18-hole, short-range golf course and clubhouse.

“We have had the privilege of serving Desert Mountain for more than 30 years,” said division president Delores Ferguson. “The addition of Parcel 19 marks the beginning of a new relationship with M3 Companies and a continuation of our involvement in the community.”

M3 Companies develops American ranch properties and other new-home communities throughout the Western United States. They focus on developing neighborhoods for all generations by designing homes to suit every lifestyle and enhance the human experience. Learn more about M3 Companies.

CCMC Welcomes Three Springs in Durango, Colorado

CCMC has been selected to provide management services to both the master and residential associations of Three Springs, Southwest Colorado’s first traditional neighborhood development. Located on a beautiful 620-plus-acre valley in Durango, the community will build out to almost 2,300 units. This will be our first community in the Durango market. We’re proud to expand our presence in Colorado and to establish a presence in a new region of the state,” said division president Delores Ferguson. “This is an opportunity to set an example in Southwest Colorado and to demonstrate not only the value of master-planned communities, but also the CCMC vision, mission and purpose.” 

Developed by the Tierra Group, a wholly-owned business of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund, more than half of Three Springs’ acreage is dedicated to open space, parks, schools and recreational amenities. The community’s master plan incorporates energy-efficient building practices, neighborhood interaction and education, and intelligent land stewardship. We are very pleased to welcome Three Springs to the CCMC family.

In the Eye of the Storms

D.J. Cole

 D. J. Cole, CEO

Between Aug. 25 and Sept. 11, 2017, several of our communities faced unprecedented sequential hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Residents in these communities, as well as CCMC team members who live and serve there, endured personal loss associated with these destructive storms. But, in between the preparation, the waiting, the sheltering and the recovery, something beautiful happened. People connected. Community emerged. As we continue on our quest to “return to normal,” we want to share some of these remarkable stories. We hope they fill you with inspiration, hope and a renewed passion for the spirit of your own community. They have certainly done this for me. 
Aug. 25-29
Over a four-day period, slow-moving Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 40 inches of rainfall over eastern Texas. With peak accumulations of 64.58 inches, Harvey is the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States. The resulting flooding affected hundreds of thousands of homes, displaced more than 30,000 people and prompted more than 17,000 rescues.
The Groves | Houston, Texas
After Hurricane Harvey struck, the residents of The Groves staged a work party. Since The Groves sustained minimal damage, it was determined volunteers would focus their efforts on others who truly needed extra help in the greater Houston area. One resident knew of a group that needed assistance with demo work at nearby Atascocita Shores. After loading up cleaning supplies and tools, The Groves work party set out. Some residents stayed behind to wash loads (upon loads) of laundry from Atascocita neighbors. Others organized a supply drive, collecting food and household necessities for those affected by Harvey. Together, the work party served three different households. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.

Del Webb Sweetgrass | Richmond, Texas

After several days under a mandatory evacuation order, Sweetgrass residents returned home to find that the community fared well through the storm. The surrounding areas, however, were not so fortunate. So, residents decided to spend their Labor Day collecting donations for local neighbors in need. More than 3,000 pounds of food and hygiene items and close to $15,000 were donated. A second fundraiser would bring in an additional $16,000. The food and clothing were distributed through the Helping Hands facility in North Richmond. The money benefited the flood victims of Western Fort Bend County. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community. 

Towne Lake | Cypress, Texas

This boating community did not hesitate to use their watercrafts to assist in rescue efforts. For nearly two weeks, volunteers provided boat rescues, breakfast, lunch and dinner to three surrounding communities. They raised $14,000 selling Houston Strong T-shirts and sent $3,000 worth of cleaning supplies to hard-hit Rockport. The community developer, Caldwell Companies, established a relief fund and donated the first $50,000. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.
Travisso | Leander, Texas

This community organized a food drive for the Central Texas Food Bank. Neighbors joined together to collect 681 pounds of food for donation. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community. 

Devonshire | Forney, Texas
Donation drives were organized for food, clothing, toiletries and other necessities. The community response proved overwhelming, and the Trusted World Center benefited from an entire truckload of goods for those in need. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.  
BackCountry | Highlands Ranch, Colorado
The community raised $1,000 for the JJ Watt Foundation during a viewing party for a Denver Broncos game. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.

Wildridge | Oak Point, Texas

This new community of 110 homeowners hosted a fundraiser that raised $1,300. Every penny was donated to the Houston Flood Relief Fund. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.
Sept. 11-14
With recorded winds of 185 mph, Hurricane Irma caused more than $100 billion in damage and left more than 10 million Floridians without power. This widespread loss of power significantly impacted cellphone service throughout the state. In the end, Irma claimed the lives of at least 50 Floridians.

Celebration | Celebration, Florida

As forecasting models continued to convey a potential Florida impact, local community leaders at Celebration convened. The emergency action plan was implemented, and an informational flyer was created to provide residents quick access to important phone numbers and websites. Residents quickly responded to a call for volunteers on social media; sandbag lines trickled into the one and two-hour zones. Others offered up cold drinks and cupcakes to those waiting in the long line of vehicles. As dawn ascended on Sept. 11, residents were at the ready to take back their community. While representatives from the community’s managing organizations assessed damage and potential impacts, residents took to the streets and sidewalks to clear debris and offer water and assistance anyway they could. Chainsaws, shovels and brooms were not the only tools used to help assess damage, as residents even utilized drones to give neighbors in search of potential problem spots a bird’s eye view of their roofs. Local students participated in a fundraising campaign for their Houston peers. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.

Shearwater | St. Augustine, Florida

The community hosted an intense donation drive for clothing, medical supplies, non-perishable food items, diapers, baby supplies, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries and inflatable mattresses. Resident volunteers coordinated efforts with Feeding Northeast Florida. Neighbors helping neighbors has built community.
CCMC has supplemented these remarkable community efforts by providing additional resources to those affected. We have donated $5,000 to a fund that will support affected employees, $5,000 to the Salvation Army for Harvey/Irma relief and $2,500 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.  Additionally, our employees donated more than $2,000 in gift cards to support their team members.
At CCMC, we build community by bringing people together in the neighborhoods where they live and in the offices where we work. Simply put, we create experiences that connect people. These stories of good works are just a few examples of our purpose personified. They are proof that neighbors helping neighbors has built community. Thank you for inviting CCMC to be one link in these connections.

CCMC Named Management Company for Miralon, California

One year ago, CCMC began consulting with Freehold Communities on Miralon, a sundrenched residential oasis located in Palm Springs, California. Now, this consulting project has transitioned into a new management contract. “This will be our seventh project with Freehold and our first management agreement in The Golden State,” explains Central division president Todd Davidson. “It is quite an honor when a like-minded developer client like Freehold takes us with them into new markets. This is a true testimony to the service and performance of all our teams that are dedicated to Freehold Communities.” CCMC also provides lifestyle and management services to Shearwater, Arden, Durham Farms, Headwaters, Orchard Ridge and Homestead.

Like all of Freehold’s Vital Communities, Miralon will emphasize healthy living, engagement, connectivity, stewardship, and design. The fully-approved project was started more than a decade ago but never realized. Now it has been reimagined as an amenity-rich neighborhood of 1,150 homes ranging from attached domiciles to contemporary single-family homes surrounded by acres of fruit-bearing groves and community gardens. Future residents will enjoy expansive views of the San Jacinto Mountains while lounging in their yards or traversing the miles of trails that run throughout the development, an environmentally conscious state-of-the-art recreational facility, Wi-Fi café, fitness center and a luxury pool complex.   

Freehold Communities creates Vital Communities that embrace healthy living, engagement, connectivity, stewardship and distinctive home design. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts; Freehold also has offices in St. Augustine, Florida and Austin, Texas. 

“Manager of the Year” GEM Awarded to Kevin Pollock of CCMC

Meeting needs. Finding solutions. Demonstrating heart. That’s what CCMC is all about! So it comes as no surprise that four CCMC managers have been recognized by the Arizona Association of Community Managers (AACM) at the Guiding Excellence in Management (GEM) Awards ceremony. Designed to highlight the individual efforts of CAAM®-certified community managers, GEM Award finalists and winners represent the high standards of both their company and the communities they serve. “We are delighted to announce that, for the fourth consecutive year, the coveted On-site Manager of the Year GEM has been awarded to one of our team members,” explains division president Delores Ferguson. “Congratulations to Kevin Pollock for this prestigious and well-deserved honor.” Additionally, CCMC has three finalist including Craig Pustejovsky, Dawn Fowler and Cathy LaTona.

On-Site Manager of the Year

Kevin Pollock joined CCMC in 2004 and currently serves as the CCMC community manager for Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kevin has been instrumental in developing a one-of-a-kind wireless security system, completely owned by the association and expandable for the future. His innovative approach used existing poles in select locations to provide the necessary coverage. Although the project cost more than $2M, Kevin and his team were successful in gaining the full support of the association’s board.    

Craig Pustejovsky was a finalist in the Humanitarian category. Craig joined CCMC in 2014 and currently serves as the community manager for Vistancia in Peoria, Arizona. Over the past year, Craig has worked closely with his board to establish strong community partnerships in the area. His innovative approach to this objective included working with a local military base to invite servicemen and women to community events and experiences at no charge and, perhaps, allow them to discover a place to call “home” once their military service is complete.

Dawn Fowler was our also a finalist in the Humanitarian category. Dawn joined CCMC in 2014 and currently serves as a portfolio manager in Scottsdale. While attending a neighborhood event, Dawn learned of a resident’s role in organizing an annual picnic for the local Air Force base. This led Dawn to suggest that the picnic be hosted by her community. As a result, the base and the association joined together and discovered the common ground between them.

Cathy LaTona was our finalist for Manager of the Year. Cathy joined CCMC in 2010 and currently serves as manager for Fulton Ranch in Chandler. She has worked tirelessly to refurbish, revitalize and restore her community. She has addressed a long list of deferred maintenance issues, initiated regular homeowner communications and reestablished a collaborative working relationship with residents.

“We are extremely proud to have our managers recognized in this way,” says Delores. “Our GEM recipients represent CCMC’s commitment to excellence and our dedication to creating experience that connect people.”

Power Ranch Awards Five-Year Contract to CCMC

Nearly two decades ago, CCMC began its relationship with Sunbelt Holdings at Power Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona. Since then, a thriving community has grown where a single construction trailer and a handful of family farmhouses once stood. “For the past four years, I have worked directly with the members of our CCMC team,” explains Power Ranch Community Association Board President Matt Dominy. “Their 19-year history with our community and their personal connectivity to our members is invaluable. Over the years they have continually acted with integrity, demonstrating a desire to do the right thing, at all times, for all our residents. That customer experience has been a constant, regardless of which specific team member we were working with. This continued standard of service is the reason we have requested and signed an unprecedented five-year agreement with CCMC. This was the Board’s way of assuring our continued partnership and enduring sense of community for Power Ranch.”

CCMC has managed Power Ranch since inception and has nurtured the community as it has grown from zero to 5,106 households. Years ago, in preparation for the inevitable transition, Sunbelt Holdings partnered with CCMC to form the Power Ranch Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC). The NAC proved so beneficial that it is now a standard step towards transition in all CCMC-managed communities. In 2009, the community transitioned to homeowner control. Since then, CCMC has continued to partner with the Board to maintain the appeal and preserve the history of Power Ranch. Together, we have completed more than $2,000,000 in new, improved and re-purposed amenity projects that align with the long-term vision of the community membership and outlined within the current Board’s strategic plan. This has created a neighborhood where residents know their neighbors and seek daily engagement for the purpose of creating the intangible asset we call “community.”  These projects include the installation of solar ramadas and shade structures over all the play equipment, the enlargement of the splash pad, the construction of two new bocce ball courts, the improvement of lighting, sound and audio visual systems in the Barn, plus the purchase and transformation of the former sales center into the Ranch and Carriage House tween center, event patio, staff offices, teaching kitchen, work out facilities and intimate event space.

“We could not be more proud of our work at Power Ranch,” explains CCMC division president Delores Ferguson. “We are extremely grateful to work with its like-minded leaders and support their continued vision to preserve the spirit of family and community that sets Power Ranch apart.”          

CCMC Expands Relationship with Shea Homes Colorado

CCMC grows its business by building relationships with like-minded clients. “It is very rewarding to announce that our relationship with Shea Homes Colorado has resulted in a new consulting project for our company,” explains division president Delores Ferguson. “Our work with Solstice in Littleton, Colorado, will begin immediately.” This will be our third project with Shea Homes Colorado; others include BackCountry and The Canyons.

Formerly named Plum Creek, this community is situated along the Chatfield Reservoir and will feature extensive lake views. Solstice will eventually grow to 1,100 households. The community center, currently in the design phase, will be one of the many amenities available to residents. This multi-generational community will also feature approximately 600 age-targeted ranch homes. Sales will begin next year, with the first closings anticipated for the end of 2018. 

Shea Homes is an independent member of the Shea family of companies. As the oldest and largest family-owned homebuilder in the United States, the company builds new homes in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. 

CCMC Named Community Management Company for Windrose at Zanjero Trails

Nearly two decades ago, CCMC began its relationship with Sunbelt Holdings at Power Ranch. Later, Vistancia, Sonoran Foothills, Blackstone, Johnson Ranch and La Estancia were added to our portfolio. Two years ago, CCMC began providing pre-development consulting services for a new Sunbelt project named Windrose at Zanjero Trails. Now, CCMC has transitioned this community to a management contract, effective September 1, 2017.   

Windrose at Zanjero Trails is a new 680-acre, mixed-use, native desert community at the intersection of Perryville and Camelback Road in Maricopa County. Developed in partnership with the Maricopa Water district, the community will ultimately become a mix of commercial space and approximately 1,700 residential households. 

Sunbelt Holdings has been a recognized leader in real estate development, management and investment throughout the Southwest for more than 30 years. The firm has been actively involved in many of the Valley’s most sought-after communities. 


CCMC Named Management Company for Portland on the Park

Sunbelt Holdings has selected CCMC to manage Portland on the Park, one of Downtown Phoenix’s newest high-rise communities. “Over the years, we have worked closely with Sunbelt Holdings to guide several of their projects through transition,” explains division president Delores Ferguson. “Our thoughtful approach to this significant event has brought long-term stability and success to Power Ranch, Johnson Ranch and Sonoran Foothills. Now, this developer has asked CCMC to apply our methodology at Portland on the Park, as this community will transition to homeowner control by the end of this year.” 

Upon completion, Portland on the Park will house 160 condominium units. Offering residents an energized, metropolitan standard of living, this community is located in the Central Arts District of Phoenix. Neighborly connections are encouraged by community and social spaces, such as a resort-style pool, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and an open-air gathering spot (complete with spectacular views, BBQ and fire pit facilities) atop the 14-story tower. Ample bike storage, accommodations for electric car charging stations and an impressive IT infrastructure allow residents to fully embrace green initiatives and convenience technology.      

Over the past 30 years, Sunbelt Holdings has been a recognized leader in real estate development, dedicated to adding value to meaningful projects, including some of Phoenix’s most beloved residential communities. 

CCMC Manages Three of the Nation’s Best-Selling Active Adult Communities

What do three of the top 50 best-selling active adult communities in the country have in common? Why, CCMC of course! The team at recently compiled their annual list of top 50 best-selling active adult communities, as demonstrated by the number of sales through between August 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017.

Congratulations to Hill Country Retreat (San Antonio, Texas), Province (Maricopa, AZ) and Frisco Lakes by Dell Webb (Frisco, TX) for making the list. They were ranked as follows:

No. 18: Hill Country Retreat

No. 33: Province

No. 46: Frisco Lakes by Del Webb

Hats off to all of our best-selling active adult communities! We can’t help but notice your CCMC edge. To read the complete list, CLICK HERE.