The Evolution of Community Management

CCMCIt’s funny how things evolve. Ten years ago, community association management companies did not have to have expertise in things like lifestyle amenities and community agriculture. But in today’s competitive environment, such knowledge is critical to our client’s success. Take, for example, the latest article by Chris Crawford, President of RVi Planning and Landscape Architecture entitled The Evolution of Community Design, which includes contributions from CCMC Division President, Todd Davidson, and Corporate Lifestyle Director, Debra Wyatte. Insights such as these are the reason developers across the country trust CCMC to transform their vision for new communities into sustainable realities. CCMC. Now this feels like home.   

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Arizona Soldier Receives a CCMC Homecoming

Last week, an Arizona soldier returned from war. Although it was 9.30 pm, Austin Hoopes’ arrival at his Maricopa home was not a quiet one. That’s because his Tortosa neighbors waited up to greet him. You see, they had been working in partnership with CCMC to plan a very special homecoming for Austin, who had just completed a one-year tour of duty in Afghanistan. And they did not want to miss this opportunity to personally thank their hometown hero.

This amazing story of community began when Austin’s wife Julianne contacted CCMC community manager Chris Hashisaki. In preparation for Austin’s return, Julianne wanted permission to line the streets with American flags. Would the association approve? Would her neighbors agree to have flags flying in their yards? Chris decided to find out and neighbors were notified.

What happened next was simply amazing. Not only did they agree, they actually wanted to help! And so the community went to work executing Julianne’s plan. Maricopa Boy Scouts lined the streets with Old Glory. One neighbor tied yellow ribbons around the trees. The CCMC management team decorated each street corner with balloons and printed a “welcome home” banner for Austin’s garage door. Spotlights lit the way, as local media arrived. When everything was in place, Julianne headed for the airport. It was 5.30 pm. Four hours later, their hero was home.

I am so pleased that CCMC did not miss this opportunity to create a lasting family memory, to express our gratitude for an American soldier, to celebrate freedom in our neighborhoods… and to bring one community a bit closer together. You see, these are the opportunities CCMC seeks each and every day, as we work to make your neighborhood truly feel like home.

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CCMC Celebrates 40 Years in Business!

It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone. Last week, as the ball dropped and the corks popped, we all resolved to live better, work smarter and not sweat the small stuff. But this year is anything but “small stuff” for CCMC. That’s because 2013 marks our fortieth year in business.

Formed in 1973 in Dallas, Texas, Capital Consultants Management Corporation started out as an apartment syndicator. At that time, many apartments began converting to condominiums and all of these projects needed managers. To meet this need, our founder, Ed Boudreau, began growing the most well-respected condominium management company in the Dallas region. Since then, our firm has completed 13 acquisitions and discovered our true wheelhouse while working with master-planned communities.

Today, CCMC manages many of the nation’s most desirable neighborhoods. Over the past four decades we have learned quite a bit about community association management. It is our pleasure to share this knowledge with our clients. But no matter how much our industry evolves, our most important lessons remain the same: put people first, do the right thing and never underestimate the power of the human spirit.

CCMC is committed to transforming everyday life in American communities. We approach this commitment today with passion and purpose, just as we have for the past forty years. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to practice our profession in your neighborhood. Thank you for being the reason why we are celebrating!

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CCMC: A Game Changer

Have you heard about Sam Gordon? A Daybreak resident, she is 9 years old and weighs less than 60 pounds. But she is faster than any boy on her football team. Nicknamed “Sweet Feet”, she scored 35 touchdowns, made 65 tackles and had nearly 2,000 rushing yards in her first season. The only girl on her team, she certainly is a game changer. But if you ask Sam how it feels to revolutionize her sport and break through stereotypes, she will tell you she simply wants to play ball. And play ball she does. To watch her in action, CLICK HERE.

So, what does her story have to do with community association management? Well, like Sam, CCMC has discovered our passion – taking care of neighborhoods and the people who call them home. We’re not your typical player in this game. We don’t follow the industry stereotypes. We simply want to play our best game and deliver unexpected, remarkable, exceptional results. We want to be your game changer.

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Desert Mountain Security Team Helps Save A Life

Pictured from left to right: Officer Aaron Baackes, Lt. Sean Yonts, Desert Mountain Community Safety Coordinator Bill Fultz, Sgt. Andrew Olson and Officer Daniel Moreno.

Desert Mountain is a serene, exclusive golf community tucked in the foothills of Scottsdale, Arizona. CCMC has managed Desert Mountain since 1990. Featuring six Championship Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses (the largest collection in the world), this is anything but your typical neighborhood. Its resident directory reads like a who’s who list of business and industry. And recently, one of those residents invited one very lucky guest over for dinner…

As with most private communities, security is a top priority at Desert Mountain. In fact, CCMC employs a full-time community safety coordinator for Desert Mountain, Bill Fultz. It is Bill’s job to provide training and guidance to all the guards and patrol officers from Anderson Security, the community’s contractor. Last week, two of those security officers used their training to help save a life. Read more

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Owning Our Customers’ Challenges

At CCMC, our systems are sound, our reports are timely and our employees are knowledgeable. But those things don’t make us special. What sets us apart is heart. It’s the fact that our team members put people first, bringing them together as communities, as neighbors, as friends…and eventually, as family. This means we approach our customers’ challenges as if they were our own. Last weekend, 8 CCMC employees showed up to demonstrate exactly this. You see, for over 15 years CCMC has served Grayhawk Development. A few years ago, one of their leaders was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s. In response, he organized an event to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This event, which has already raised more than $20,000 for Parkinson’s research, challenges co-ed teams to compete in an obstacle course race. On April 22, two CCMC teams of four employees each showed up to compete. The reason? They know our client. They own his challenge. They want to be part of his solution. It’s personal. It’s family. That  is the CCMC difference. CLICK HERE learn more about this spectacular event and this important cause.

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A Community of Character

Have you seen this month’s Builder and Developer magazine? The cover features rows of white two-rail fences and beautiful tree-lined streets. Simplicity at its finest. A community of character. The headline reads, “Arizona’s Nationally Recognized Master-Plan”. Readers soon discover that this classic gem is none other than Morrison Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona. Developed by family and inspired by history. To read the entire article, CLICK HERE.

Morrison Ranch has been managed by CCMC since inception. Like the Morrison family, we understand the value of character. It is the driving force behind everything we choose to do – or not do. It is the reason communities of character – like Morrison Ranch – choose CCMC. Read more

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How CCMC Plays the Game

Every CCMC team member has heard the expression, “Do the right thing.” Integrity has always been an integral component to our company (and our mission statement). You see, we believe in not just doing the right thing but, more importantly, doing the right thing when nobody is watching. For us, this is the true measure of character.

CCMC’s long history of “doing the right thing” is a source of great pride for me. It is the litmus test by which we measure our strategic choices and our daily actions. Every CCMC team member is held personally responsible for keeping this component of our company’s character alive. Read more

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Crossing Paths With Sandra Day O’Connor

Sandra Day O’Connor is not someone I ever imagined meeting. The daughter of an Arizona cattle rancher, she would grow up to become this country’s first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Strong and genuine, her career was marked with frankness and common sense; qualities I have a personal affinity for. Her first year in office, she received over 60,000 letters from the public — more than any other justice in history. Never did I imagine that our paths would cross. But recently they did. Where, you ask? Well, to put it bluntly, it was in a very unexpected place. Read more

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The Quiet Heroes of CCMC

Tod Bean

Funny thing about heroes, they almost never view themselves as such. But at CCMC, I see them everywhere. They are unspoken, unassuming and uninterested in recognition. Take for example Tod Bean, our community manager at SunCrest in Draper, UT. His uncle needed a kidney. He was a match. So he gave him one. No hesitation. No second thoughts. No regrets.

Consider Marie Disney and Maury Ellerbusch from our Shared Services team in Scottsdale, AZ. Always looking for ways to identify and assist homeowners in need, they will stop at nothing to advocate on their behalf and find workable solutions. Marie and Maury do not consider themselves heroes. In their minds, they are simply doing their jobs. Read more

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