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Celebration, FL
Title (2) Part-Time Lifeguard
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Location Celebration, FL
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CCMC currently has two part-time Lifeguard positions at Celebration in Celebration, FL!


The Lifeguard/Swim Instructor will be responsible for monitoring and supervising pool facilities, as well as keeping the facility clean, organized and enforcing policies and procedures.  All lifeguards will report to the Aquatics Manager.


Must learn the facility’s emergency action plan and know how to engage it, must perform lifesaving duties when needed and answer patron’s questions and follow up on requests.  Will also assist with the opening and closing the facility as needed, attending all scheduled aquatic’s meetings, work with swim lessons and private parties, and maintain a good level of physical fitness.


The ideal candidate will have prior lifeguard, swim lesson and recreation experience with Red Cross or Ellis Certification.  Must be over the age of 16 and be able to work 20+ hours per week (including nights and weekends).


Must be able to pass a swim test, as well as possess good oral and written communication skills and strong people skills.  Candidates will be required to work early morning to late evening shifts and weekends. All prospective employees must pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check.


Located 5-miles from Walt Disney World, Celebration is a town unto itself. In addition to several residential villages, Celebration also offers a vibrant downtown, schools, health care, public services, places of worship, a town hall, and an extensive Parks & Recreation department. Pedestrian trails and electric carts are popular means of transportation. Celebration, one of the most ambitious projects in the history of The Walt Disney Company, is arguably the most successful planned community in America.  Winner of numerous awards and the model for hundreds of neighborhoods across the continent, the town is the product of some of the most talented innovators and architects in this country and abroad.


If you are interested, please email Andrew Piedra at aquatics@celebrationtownhall.com.

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